Smart School Application With Result Management

Smart School System is a unique online product includes Parent / Teacher Login module, Free Mobile Application for Parent, Result Management (CCE), Customized Report card, Bus Route Management etc. Below we describe all features of Smart School System in detail. Kindly let us know if you have any query.

  • Parent Login Module with Mobile and Web Application.
  • Teacher Login Module
  • Principal Login Module
  • CCE Result Management
  • Mobile SMS Facility
  • Support Ticket

Parent Login Module with Mobile and Web Application.

  1. Keep parents updated on day-to-day activities happening at school.
  2. Displays complete profile of the student including photo, parent details, class teacher details, address and contact number.
  3. Instant notification and detailed view of the student attendance.
  4. Instant alerts on any circular/notice from school.
  5. Parents can plan the vacations and get overview of the activities happening in the school by tapping their mobile.
  6. Now the homework given by teacher is just a click away on their mobile with download option.
  7. As soon as results are declared at school, parents can view on their mobile and compare it with class Performance.
  8. Parent can view all personal msg of their ward given by teacher /Principal.
  9. Online query can be raised by parent via support ticket.

Teacher Login Module* (Optional)

  1. Anywhere anytime access to student records and result entry makes life easy.
  2. Quick and effective communication with students and parents.
  3. Updation of Attendance, Homework, Assignment, Syllabus, Date sheet, timetable And Notice etc.
  4. Can send sms to student/Parent.
  5. Teacher has to fill marks in system and system automatic convert grade, Generate CGPA and Report cards.
  6. Teachers can now punch the marks anywhere anytime.

Principal Login Module

  1. Get all the real – time information like Attendance, Homework, Assignment, Syllabus, Date sheet, Result etc.
  2. Get all the information on the parents’ grievances and redressed thereof.
  3. School authorities can analyze the results across sections, across terms and also individual teacher performance.

CCE Result Management

  1. Scholastic Marks Entry
  2. Co-Scholastic Grade Entry
  3. Remarks Entry
  4. Report Card Generation (Printing cost will be charged extra)
  5. Class wise Grade sheet for teachers
  6. Result Analysis

Mobile SMS Facility

  1. Attendance SMS- If student is absent or on leave
  2. Homework SMS- If Student is absent or on leave
  3. Homework SMS for All Student*(Optional)
  4. SMS for PTM, Holidays, Casual or Emergency
  5. SMS for Birthday wishes

Support Ticket

  1. Online Parent Query Management
  2. Transport Change Request
  3. Address Change Request
  4. Online Leave Request


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