The most important aspect of e-Care service is the communication portal which helps in bridging the gap between parents and teachers and reduces response time to parents' queries. This panel is accessible 24x7, and is completely user-friendly. 
Features of Online e-Care Portal for Parents and Students.
Parents can communicate with the teachers of their ward and get replies within 24 hours. Parents/students can view and download activity calendar, circulars, assignments, class test marks, transport details, time table, syllabus, birthdays of classmates and teachers & question bank.

Parents can submit online leave application and receive message on acceptance or rejection. Parents can edit their profile after approval from the admin. Parents can view the complete log of SMSes sent to their mobile and quickly reply to it. Parents/students can view all the books in the library with storage hint and can read many of the books online.

Parents/students can view their fee account and library account details online. Parents/students can view the report card and graphical analysis.
Parents/students can share their thoughts after getting approval from admin. Parents/students can read number of e-books available online and can play number of Kids' e­ games.